Ember Extractor

Used to reclaim coals to light your next fire

Use the Ember Extractor to quickly sift the hot coals out of the ashes to assist with the next fire. The Ember Extractor also
allows you to move the ashes in any direction to assist in cleaning.



* Made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel

* ½"x ½" screen holes

* 16 ½" long x ¼" dia. 304 Stainless Steel handle

* 2' x 6" wide 304 Stainless Steel hoe

* ¾" side 304 Stainless Steel Baffles

* Weight 1.4 lbs

* 26" overall Length


* Made in the USA for the Highest Quality

* No assembly or tools required

* Front hoe to push or pull ash to the center of stove

* 2 side baffles to move ash from the right or left sides

* Smooth elongated handle for ease of sifting and releasing coals to either side.

* 6”x 12” sifting area

* ½" sq holes to reclaim larger/hotter coals for quicker lighting

* Double weld handle for screen durability


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